Do not just store samples - CryoTrack them!


Windows & Web Based: Standard, Oracle or MS SQL-Server platforms


Tracking made simple and easy: all your information is just a click away!

Import data from existing files

Customize it yourself to suit your needs

Create TEN independent datasets for different functions of the lab

Track information, edit history, activity logs, assays, protocols, results, graphics and more

Easy data entry with many fields and pull-down lists

Define up to 10 tests per dataset with multiple customizable fields and units

Graphical Views - Maximize storage space with robust organization and tracking tools

Centralize resources with a secure, reliable client-server architecture

Print labels (text, 1D and 2D barcodes) - Brady* or regular printers on variety of labels sheets

Improve efficiency and productivity



A complete Lab Sample Tracking Software including lab management!

CryoTrackIMS is a complete software package - ideal for molecular biology, cell banks, cellular biology, clinical samples, biorepository, biobanking, biochemistry, immunology and protein labs, high-throughput screening, QA, IVF labs and core labs and facilities.

Serving since 1998. Meets 21 CFR Part 11 Guidelines **

Inventory of valuable biological samples and specimen is critical for basic research and biotech business. Keeping track of large numbers and types of samples (DNA, RNA, plasmids, clones, proteins, peptides, probes, antibodies, enzymes, specimen, tissues, cell lines and more) and where they are and their precise location is a nightmare and daunting task for many that cost a great deal not only in monetary terms but also leads to frustrations and time loss. CryoTrack offers a complete solution for individual labs in universities, clinics, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

You are in control!


Create your own box type!.

Create any box, plate or pie configuration - select rows and columns or select a Pie configuration - your box is created in seconds ready to input data.

Suitable for all locations! One program to manage all samples.

LN2 tanks, -1800C, -800C, -200C, -40C, 40C, room-temperature storage

 ** Users must validate it for their needs, we will supply necessay document for how to validate.

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