Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer data from my existing programs in to CryoTrack software?

CryoTrack makes it easy to import inventory data from your current  program.  Using our import feature, you can import records from other data base or spreadsheet.  In addition, once you set import parameters,  save your settings as a reusable profile, and importing becomes a one-click operation.  Using the import utility, you can import an individual record or records for the entire storage container.

Does CryoTrack software have security feature?

Yes, CryoTrack software has security features.  You have a  password protected log-in You can set and assign administrative, full and limited privileges.  Users with Administrative privileges can assign access to the software.  users with Full privileges can edit records.  Users with limited privileges can view the data but not edit them.

What makes CryoTrack software different from other products on the market?

CryoTrack software provides easy and quick management system for managing records.  Graphical representation of the storage containers make it very easy to know the status of the containers, helping you to efficiently manage the storage space.   Its import and export features help you to transfer records back and forth between applications.  Record editing tools (Copy, Paste, Cut or Delete) in graphical format is very convenient for duplicating, deleting or transferring records.  Emptying the storage container is done at a click.  Transferring storage containers from one location to another is made easy using the transfer feature.  Searching for records by partial or full sample name, date (date, month and/or year) sample was stored, person who stored the samples,  ID number and reference name make it easy to keep track of the inventory and know location of any sample you wish to search.  Printing the list of records, records in a specific container or individual records make it easy to get the hard copies for quick reference.  The program is fully configurable by the user to suit your own needs. The program comes with up to seven datasets so that you can integrate all functionality of the lab under one umbrella. CryoTrackIMS is a very comprehensive program that addresses practically every need of the end user while maintaining a simplistic, intuitive and logical user interface.  

Do you have a version that runs using browsers?
Yes. We have two versions - CryoTrackIMS and CryoTrackIMSz. CryoTrackIMS is a Windows based client/server application and CryoTrackIMSz runs using browsers. It is a web based system. All files are stored on your local network. You host the site using Microsoft IIS (Internet Information System) which is part of most Windows operating system.

Do I need any other database application for CryoTrack software to run and is it available on Oracle or MS-SQL platforms?

Not for our standard version.  CryoTrack software comes with a built in database structure.  You do not need any other database or spreadsheet application running on your PC or work station. The program is also available on MS-SQL and Oracle platforms as well. For these versions you will need licensed database from Microsoft or Oracle as the case may be.

Can CryoTrack software run on Mac?

CryoTrackIMSz, which is a web based version can run on Mac or any Apple devices using browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other). If you have parallels or virtual PC installed along with Windows OS on Mac, CryoTrackIMS will run also.

Can I scan Sample ID from Bar Code using scanner and can I print barcodes directly on labels?

Yes.  CryoTrack software is scanner friendly.  Just point the cursor to the corresponding sample ID text field and scan the bar code with scanner.  The sample ID on the bar code is automatically registered in the appropriate field.

I need to customize the display and printing of my search results.  Is it possible?
Yes.  Search for your records can be partial or exact match.  In addition, once the search is finished, you can hide or show the fields you need to display.  This feature allows the user to customize display of only necessary fields.  When the customized display is printed the printed records consist only of those selected for display.

How can I print Labels?
Label printing is extremely easy with CryoTrack software.  Select one of the two label types from the tabs.  Next select the label location you want to use and click.  Two sizes of labels can be printed in this way.  This feature allows the efficient use of the label spaces.  You can select to print two types of labels and in two formats - text and barcode. Barcode and text labels can be printed directly on three types of labels�Avery (or compatible configuration) labels, CryoBaby labels and Brady labels. We recommend Brady LabXpert and IP300 series printers. More information on these printers, please visit program can print standard 1D (Code 39) or 2D (DataMatrix) barcodes. CryoTrack is capable of printing on select label types (commonly used) on these printers. If you have specific labels you want to use, we may be able to customize the program for a fee to print on specific label types. The hardware for label printing is not included with the program.

Is it possible to search for empty slots and storage containers?
Absolutely. From the top menu, select Snapshots and select either Spreadsheet View or Tree View. When the screen shows, select appropriate option and select the container in the spreadsheet.  The status of the container is shown in graphical format. All occupied slot positions are red and all vacant positions are white. For each container, the spreadsheet lists the number and % of empty slot positions and occupied slot positions.

I frequently shuffle the boxes between storage locations.  Can I keep track of the changes?
Absolutely. CryoTrack software is designed to permit such changes.  You can rename the containers and move or transfer the containers from one place to another.  This operation takes only 30 seconds once the new location is identified.  For convenience, CryoTrack software internally maintains a list of storage locations, shelves, racks, pies or slices.  All you do is to select the container from the list, select or enter new location and click Transfer. This operation can be repeated as many times as you need.

Does CryoTrackIMS track the edits I made to my records?
Each time a user edit or modify a specific record, a log is maintain for all activities with time and date. Simply go to the Logs / History tab, choose Edit History.  The spreadsheet shows all edits highlighted in red. The top row is what you started originally and subsequent rows are edits.

I am tired of keeping track of the amount I added or used.  What can I do?
Each time you add a sample or withdraw any amount of sample, simply select the volume from the list or enter it in appropriate field.  CryoTrack software will maintain a transaction log of amount of transaction, time of transaction and the name of individual who did so.  The transaction log can be printed for archiving hard copies.

Our lab is multi-disciplinary.  Do we need to buy separate copies of the program?
You can define up to ten independent datasets for different functions of the lab. For each dataset, you can define its own fields. This is like having ten programs in one and you do not need to buy separate programs or you do not have to switch between programs. All activities are managed in one program.  All you need to do is go to the  �Administrator� at the top and select �Change Dataset Name�.  Select the name you wish to change and enter the new name. Please keep in mind that only the user with �Administrator� privilege can make these changes. When you create a new container, you can assign the dataset for all records, or also change the dataset for each record as you wish by going to Dataset top menu.

I want to customize the name of fields and search for these values.  Is it possible?
There are many fields that you can define or customize.  These fields are provided in addition to other most commonly standard fields like Sample Name, Sample ID, Date Sample Stored, Stored By. All other fields can be changed to suit your needs. When you first start the program, most fields are labeled as �Custom�. Simply bring the mouse over it and click right mouse button. Assign the field name. It is this simple.  If you made a mistake, you can go to the �Administrator� at the top and select �Change Field Name�.  Select the name you wish to change and enter the new name. Please keep in mind that only the user with �Administrator� privilege can make these changes.

Can I maintain my own documents for protocols, reagents and assays?
These are very important for scientists.  You can write or copy/paste these documents in appropriate areas.  Separate tabs are provided for these documents.  All these can be listed and selected from lists as you please.  In addition, you can also associate protocols, reagents and assays with individual records.  These are very conveniently and conspicuously displayed in data entry tab.  You can add or delete these documents at anytime.

I need to create more than one sample of the same type - Can CryoTrack software do it for me?

Yes. Once you have entered the information for one record, you can create multiple samples of the same type with either the same sample ID or sequential sample IDs.  Aliquots and replicates can be easily created in seconds eliminating need to retype information over and over. These replicates can be created anywhere in your storage facility. Once the replicates are created at the choice of you locations, a report can be printed so that you can manually deposit the samples at designated slot positions.

Can CryoTrack software search for specific terms in notes field?

The software has been designed for to include any notes you may have.  You can search all records for specific terms and the results are displayed in a spreadsheet format.

I need to track parent/child (mother/daughter) relation ship - how can I do it?

Every time you create a replicate (either by copy and paste or replicate option), the parent and child relationship is automatically tracked. Entire lineage of a particular record can be tracked from the very first sample you chose to create replicate with.

Can CryoTrack keep track of deleted samples / records and can I retrieve a deleted record?

Absolutely.  Once you delete or remove a record, it gets automatically entered in the database.  You can check the time, date and the person who deleted the record. All record information is archived and can not be removed by any user.If you want you can also retrieve a deleted record.

Can someone else delete records created by me?

Only you and other users you have assigned co-ownership can delete the records.  Only you have the permission to do so.  However, keep in mind that the user with administrative privilege has the total control of your records including editing them and deleting them.

Is it possible to perform exclusive or inclusive search for specific record?

Yes.  You can include up to 6 fields for inclusion and include up to three fields for exclusion.  This will narrow down you search results for what you are looking for.

Is it possible to perform exclusive or inclusive search for specific terms?

Yes.  Choose the terms in the Genotype (other whatever you have defined the last field on the left side of the Data Entry tab)) field in such a way that you can search for those terms specifically. When you go to the Search tab, enter the terms you need to search on the left hand side of the tab. Here you have two options - to search for records having the specified terms only or the specified terms but excluding other terms that you can specify.  This option is applicable only to the Genotype field. If you need, we can always rename the field to whatever you need.

How can I keep track of the sample type?

CryoTrackIMS offers you to define and choose three separate options groups. These groups are located on top of the Data Entry tab. You can define these options to suit your needs and track all information.

How can I associate local or server based applications, images and links to a specific record?

You can associate any application that reside on the local PC or server to a specific record.  For this purpose, click on the Applications tab has 12 small boxes. Using these, you can create up to 12 separate applications for each record.  When you click on this tab, it expands to fit the screen.  Once expanded, double click on it and the available applications are displayed.  For images you can import up to 15 individual images in Graphics screen. For creating links you have 10 fields that you can do so in Browsers screen.

Can I define tests, ranges, units for the tests?

You can define up to 10 tests for each dataset. Each test can have multiple fields and for each field you can define the lower and upper limit of the acceptable values and define individual units for each field. If you make a change or add new data to a test, all changes are tracked. In addition, if you want to select records for plotting, graphs, the program has the ability to do so as well. The graphs printed are in basic format but you can export data to a spreadsheet application and manipulate your graphics options there.

Can I make fields mandatory and control vocabulary?

Yes, you can make fields mandatory so that users must enter a value for the designated mandatory field. For he dropdown fields you can also control the vocabulary so that the users must select a predefined term

How much is the annual maintenance fees or are there any recurring charges?

Reasonable.  There are nominal annual fees for support and upgrades.  We quote all the price upfront and once you buy the software, we will support it and also we will help you with any reasonable requests.  After all, your success is our success.


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