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Maximize Storage Space

View data in graphical or spreadsheet


Know status of storage containers at a click

Find Empty / occupied slots containers

Locate samples with precise location

View containers by locations, shelves, racks or users

Graphical views give quick glance

Easy Data Entry

Import data from existing files

Many pull-down lists (for frequently used terms)

Control vocabulary among users

Replicate samples

Export data to other files and programs

Compute volumes and age automatically

Many selection options

Track complete Edit Histories

Track transactions logs

Track deleted records

Copy, cut, paste entire records

Flexible and Customizable

Customize to suit your needs (define fields depending upon your needs)

Define up to seven datasets for multiple functions

Edit dropdowns for lists

Create default entries

Customize what you want to see in spreadsheet and search tabs

Choose what you want to print on labels




Centralized and Secured

Client / server application allows multi-user environment

Assign three levels of security

Assays / Protocols / Reagents for all to share

Send and retrieve messages

Assign co-ownerships

Lock records / make records sharable

Applications / Graphics / Links

Open most applications and store data generated by these applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Vector NTI etc) - 12 per record

Store up to 15 pictures per record

Link local, shared or  internet files - 10 per record

Sequences (DNA / RNA)

Store 2 large notes for each record

Store up to 9 short notes per record

Meets 21 CFR Part 11 Guidelines *


Extensive Search

 Find what you need in seconds

 Exclusive / Inclusive searches

 Search patient age range

 Quick search for check boxes

 Quick Search & precise location for samples

 Search for sequences

 Search for specific terms in notes fields

 Search for specific, combination or exclusive terms separated by spaces

 Search for batch of IDs

 Search in specific containers, all or your records, exact or partial term search

 Perform sub search within searched results

 Search for alerts, reminders, groups and low volume alerts

 Export search results to Excel, email to recipient, or generate html file.

 Search deleted records

 Arrange in ascending or descending order by any field

Alerts / Reminders / Flags ...

 Set alerts and reminder - you will get the notice on the date you selected

 Set up to six timers and choose your own musical files

 Set groups and place records in groups

 Link two samples together

 Manage your personal calendar

Transfer records, Move containers

 Transfer records from one place to another within same container / consolidate containers

 Transfer records from one container to another by drag and drop

 Keep location history for records

 Move containers from one location to another easily

 Change name of container easily

Parent / Child relationships, Groups, Co-Owners

 Track the parent records

 List all stock records

 Track lineage of replicated and copied records

 Create groups and assign records to specific groups. Search sample belonging to groups

Assign co-owners at an individual record level

 Navigate between parent / child easily

Improve Efficiency & Productivity

 Perform routine calculations for protein, nucleic acid and reagents work

 Maintain & Search publications

 Maintain & Search personal contacts

 Keep personal calendar

 Keep track of chemicals in centralized manner

 Create two custom databases

 Track orders, shipments, resources and equipments

 Manage web links / sequence analysis links

* Users must validate it for their needs, we will supply necessay document for how to validate.

User Friendly     Affordable          Reliable     Efficient

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Complete Activity Log for each user, multiple record editing

 All activities are recorded by date and time for each user

 Password expiration and reset every three months for users

 Transfer authority of samples from one user to another

 Lock / unlock records for further editing

 Edit multiple records at a time.

 Remove specified volume from multiple records at a time.

Powerful Lab Management System

Do more than just store samples

Sample Tracking Software