CryoTrackIMS Highlights

Why Choose CryoTrack To Manage Your Valuable Samples

✔ Serving Since 1998 : Many Users In Academic, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Clinical, IVF Labs And More : We Were The Pioneers In The Field

✔ Easy To Use

✔ Comprehensive

✔ 21 CFR : Part 11 Ready

✔ Multi User

✔ Customizable To Suit Your Needs

✔ Available As Windows Client/Server or Web based System

✔ Available on Standard (Good For Up To 400,000 Samples) and MS-SQL Server (Unlimited Number Of Samples) Platforms

✔ Secured Login With Three Tiers Of Permissions

✔ Complete Edit History (Audit Trail) With User and Time/Date Stamp

✔ Complete Quantity Transaction History

✔ Complete Check In / Check Out History : Custody History

✔ Easy Data Entry

✔ Easy Import From Excel : Align Columns In Excel To Fields In CryoTrackIMS : Copy Records In Excel And Click Import : Easy, Fast And Precise

✔ Comprehensive Search : Easy, Inclusive/Exclusive, Alerts, Reminders, Aliquots Numbers, Low Quantity Thresholds, Marked Checkboxes, Age, Deleted Records And More

✔ Easy Export Of Data : For Your Reports

✔ Graphical Visualization Of Precise Locations

✔ Spreadsheet Views, Batch Edit Mode, Batch Search for IDs

✔ Many Text Fields And Dropdowns : Control Vocabulary Among Users

✔ Hide Containers Until Ready To Share With Other Users

✔ Lock Samples So Only Authorized (Co-Owners) Users Can View Information

✔ Only Authorized Users Can Edit Data

✔ Store DNA/Protein Sequences : Search Sample For Segments Of Sequence

✔ Store Two Lengthy Notes : Search Samples Containing Terms Used In Notes

✔ Store Nine Short Notes : Search Samples With terms In Short Notes

✔ Maintain Assays, Protocols, Reagents And Assign Samples To Appropriate Items

✔ Import Images (14), Application Files (12)

✔ Larger View Of Containers, Print And Delete Records From Search or Graphical Views

✔ Print Labels (Text, 1D Linear, 2D Datamatrix) Directly From The System : With / Without Logo, In Color For Different Types Of Samples : Print On Label Sheets On Office Printers Or Specialized Printers Such As Brady And Zebra

✔ Easy Transfer Of Samples From One Location To Another

✔ Create Aliquots In Same Or Any Containers

✔ Create Containers (Boxes) Of any Format :For Example: 10x10 Boxes, 9x9 Boxes, 8x8 Boxes, 96-Well Plates, 384-Well Plates

✔ Unlimited Locations : Building, Room, Freezer/Tanks, Shelf, Rack And Positions.

✔ View Complete Storage Location Hierarchy

✔ Make Fields Mandatory, Define Default Values

✔ System Keeps Track Of Parent / Child (Mother / Daughter) Relationship.

✔ Link Records : One To Many Or Many To One

✔ One Time Charge When You Purchase : No Hidden Fees : Full Email And Phone Support included : All Future Update Are Included. Special Customizations Are Available For Additional Charge.

✔ Reliable And Ready To Use : Easy Install And Easy To Maintain

✔ Customize Fields For Up To Ten Major Areas Of Lab Functions Or Projects : This Like Having Ten Systems In One With All Data / Information In Central Location

✔ Windows Version Works On Any Windows OS Including Surface And Windows Tablets

✔ Web Version Is Hosted Using IIS (Internet Information Service) On One Windows Machine : Can Be Accessed On Any OS (Windows, MACS, UNIX, Apple And Android Phones And Tablets)

✔ All Data And Information Stored On Your Site Providing Secured Environment Within Your Firewall

✔ Can Be Hosted On Cloud If You Prefer

✔ Well Established And Tested : Bugs Free

Contact CryoTrack Inc.
Phone: +1-650-877-2403; +1-650-305-1263